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The Definitive Guide to 401K Rollovers

The Definitive Guide to 401k Rollovers

A retirement account rollover is critical to keeping your investments safe and organized. Follow this 401k rollover guide to put you on track. From talking babies to famous actors, everyone is talking about how you should do a 401k rollover after leaving your employer. The idea is simple enough but an overburdened process and rules […]

5 Reasons Gold Must be in your IRA in 2016

ira gold coins

Five dynamics are creating a chain of events that will send gold prices surging The seven-year bull market in stocks is cracking and the major theme of 2016 will be an investor exodus to safety and return in other assets. Savvy investors will see five dynamics working together to send gold prices higher as other […]

The Bucket Approach to Retirement Planning

bucket approach retirement planning

The bucket approach to retirement planning gives you access to money for expenses but the upside potential to grow your investments Retirees used to rely on what was called the three-legged stool idea for retirement planning. Most people could rely on money from social security, a pension fund and their own individual retirement savings as […]

How to Avoid 5 Worst Retirement Mistakes Everyone Makes

avoid worst retirement mistakes

Learn the worst retirement mistakes that cost people money and keep your retirement planning on track As retirement approaches, we all look for simple ways to plan and save. Many people are confused or even misled by some common misconceptions which could lead them astray. A few simple rules of thumb can help avoid the […]

Washington is Planning an Obamacare Retirement Program

automatic enrollment retirement program obamacare

The Department of Labor is pushing through a proposal for mandatory state-run retirement accounts before Obama leaves office The Obama Administration is rushing through plans for a mandatory system of government-run retirement accounts before the 2017 change in Washington. The Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new regulations last November that would mandate states set up […]

The Safest Retirement Investments by Age

safest retirement investments by age

Use this quick guide to find the safest retirement investments by age and get your retirement planning back on track The S&P 500 index of stocks is off it’s 52-week high by 13%, well into a correction but not the 20% needed to call it an end to the seven-year bull market. The drop in […]

Debunking the Rules of Retirement Spending: How the 4% Retirement Spending Rule Could Leave You Broke

myth 4% rules of retirement spending

After years of hard work, saving and planning, you have finally reached retirement. Now the most important question on your mind is, “Will my money last for the rest of my life?” In 1994, a financial planner named William Bengen developed one of the most popular rules of retirement spending. The 4% rule of retirement […]

How does Retirement Spending Change with Age?

retirement spending age group

This survey sheds new light on how your retirement spending will change and makes it easier to meet retirement goals Too many people fumble into retirement planning with goals based on their current expenses. They end up terribly ill-prepared and miss their retirement goals because of assumptions on retirement spending that just don’t pan out. […]

Where to Put Your 401k Money

401k asset investments

Use these points to decide your 401k asset allocation and where to put your 401k money The old rule for investing and asset allocation used to be to subtract your age from 100 for the percentage of your portfolio you should keep in stocks, putting the rest in bonds. The misguided advice has caused millions […]

Why Taxes on High Net Worth Individuals are about to Get Worse

high net worth tax burden roth conversion

Less than 2% of the population already carries more than half the tax burden. History shows that it may soon get even worse for High Net Worth taxpayers. The United States has always leaned much further to progressive income taxes than collections on regressive sources like consumption or value-added taxes. This burden on higher income […]


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