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What Is The American Eagle Proof Coin Fair Market Value In 2020?

1 oz American Eagle Gold Proof Coin

The American Eagle coin is the most popular coin in the world. The proof version of this coin is also an extremely popular collector version that is prized by savvy IRA and 401k investors. The reason this coinage is so popular is because it is sold directly by the US mint. Collectors coins are believed to be non-confiscatable because of legal precedence. 

In the 1933 executive order confiscating gold bullion, Franklin Delano Roosevelt exempted collector coins of rare and unusual beauty. Because the United States works on legal precedence most investors that expect another financial depression prefer the Proof Eagle over the cheaper bullion version. 

The Proof coin is exceptionally beautiful because it is struck twice unlike the bullion Eagle that is single strike coinage. This double strikage makes for a much more beautiful coin. Each coin comes in a velvet box with an accompanying certification of authenticity from the US Mint. The US Mint offers a one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce coins. Four coin sets are also available and total 1.85 ounces of gold consisting of a one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce coin. 

Retail dealers typically sell the four coin sets at a premium above the total weight however wholesalers will generally sell the weightage at the same price as the one ounce coin but multiplied times 1.85. 

The above image is the official image of the US Mint and it’s recommended that anyone using an image of proof coinage is the official image and not an altered version.

The performance of the Proof American Eagle gold coins at times outperforms the bullion version. In fact, when gold reached its 2011 historic high of $1900, the proofs were selling at $3200. Many metals experts believe that if the generic bullion spot price indicator hits $3,000 as expected then the Proof American Eagle coins will be selling for between $4,600 and $5,200 per ounce.

What Is the Fair Market Value in 2020 for the American Eagle Proof Coins?

Gold spot is up over 20 percent in 2020 and the Proof is doing better than the generic bullion with returns of more than 30 percent this year. Many feel this rally is just getting started because demand for metals has skyrocketed this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This market is also expected to continue to grow steadily over the next 4 years because excessive government bailout money is weakening the US dollar. 

In fact, very few dealers have any quantity of the American Eagle Proof coins. This low supply and high demand is expected to increase as we move into the second half of the year. Only the largest US dealers have adequate quantities. As of late only the US mint and one or two other dealers are able to fulfill IRA accounts. Expect to pay at or very near US Mint prices. If they are below that by more than 30 dollars you may be dealing with a less than reputable dealer and purchasing spotty inventories that could possibly be rejected by the IRA depository.

The American Eagle Proof Coin is 10.7 Times More Rare Than the Bullion Gold Eagles.

Investors that understand the law of supply and demand understand that scarcity always commands a premium. Please note that the US Mint has not released the mintage for the last several years but the proofs have likely become even more rare since the 2016 mintage. 

Date                     Gold Eagle Bullion Vintage                     Proof Mintage

1986                                 1,362,650                                        446,290

1987                                 1,045,500                                        147,498

1988                                    465,600                                          87,133 

1989                                    415,790                                          54,570

1990                                    373,210                                          62,401

1991                                    243,100                                          50,411

1992                                    275,000                                          44,826

1993                                    480,192                                          34,369

1994                                    221,663                                          46,674

1995                                    200,636                                          46,368

1996                                    189,148                                          36,153

1997                                    664,502                                          32,999

1998                                 1,468,530                                          25,886

1999                                 1,505,026                                          31,247

2000                                    433,319                                          33,007

2001                                    143,615                                          24,555

2002                                    222,029                                          27,499

2003                                    416,032                                          28,344

2004                                    417,019                                          28,215

2005                                    356,555                                          35,236

2006                                    237,510                                          47,092

2007                                    140,016                                          51,810

2008                                    710,000                                          30,237

2009                                 1,493,000                                                   0

2010                                 1,125,000                                          59,480

2011                                    857,000                                           48,306  

2012                                    675,000                                           23,630

2013                                    758,500                                           24,710

2014                                    425,000                                           28,707

2015                                    626,500                                           32,652

Data Provided by the US Mint

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