Watch Out for these Hidden 401K Costs!

hidden 401k costs retirement

Hidden 401K costs could be costing your hundreds of thousands in retirement, know how to look for hidden expenses A recent AARP study found that 80% of plan participants didn’t know how much they were paying in 401K costs. That’s not entirely surprising considering the myriad of ways 401K administrators and advisors try to cover […]

What is an In-service 401K Rollover?

what in service 401k rollover

Take advantage of an in-service 401K rollover for the benefits of an IRA while still keeping your job One of most common questions I get from retirement savers is how to do a 401K rollover while still working for an employer. We have talked about the power of a 401K rollover and the overwhelming benefits […]

Government says Healthcare Spending Rising Faster than Economy

healthcare spending rate increasing

Healthcare spending and medical costs are out of control and could mean you’re not saving enough for retirement On Tuesday, the Office of the Actuary in the Health & Human Services Department published a report into future U.S. healthcare spending, confirming that it will be growing faster than economic growth. This is due to a […]

5 Critical Facts about Reverse Mortgages

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Reverse mortgages can be a tool to retire in your home but make sure you understand these six facts Reverse mortgages have been a hot subject since 2008, the first year the Baby Boomer generation became eligible to retire, and will be so for years to come. The reverse mortgage industry is bringing billions in […]

How 2016 could Destroy Your Retirement

2016 stock market retirement planning

A lot of cues are pointing to a tough 2016 for stocks and retirement savers. Stop gambling and protect your investments now. The stock market bull turned seven years old last week, taking stocks higher by 243% over the period. Other than flat returns in 2011 and last year, it’s been a pretty easy ride […]

Is 401k Nationalization a Possibility?

Runaway debt and an unfunded pension system make 401K nationalization not only a possibility but a very real likelihood According to the U.S. federal government is more than $19 trillion in the red. That’s more than $59,143 of debt for every man, woman and child. Within the runaway government spending that got us to […]

Preparing Your Retirement for the Worst in America’s Future

retirement planning for financial crisis america

Prepare your retirement for these what-if scenarios in America’s future to ensure the retirement you deserve I am not generally a doom and gloom kind of guy when it comes to retirement planning and America’s future. Against the perennial calls for some kind of catastrophic end to life as we know it, the future seems […]

3 IRA Loop-holes You Don’t Want to Miss

ira loop holes

There are enough limitations and restrictions on retirement planning, get all you can with these IRA loop-holes The deadline for your 2015 IRA contributions is approaching fast and there’s no extension as there is for filing. Even if you get an extension to file your income taxes late, your last day to make an IRA […]

When is a 401K Rollover Not a Good Idea?

when 401K rollover not a good idea

A 401K rollover is one of the best ways to prepare for your financial future but when is a 401K rollover not a good idea? When you leave an employer after contributing to the sponsored 401K plan, you generally have one of three options. You can leave the investments with the old “orphaned” 401K plan, […]

What to Do When You Haven’t Saved Enough for Retirement

you have not saved enough for retirement

Americans haven’t saved enough for retirement and the bill is about to come due. Follow these steps to make retirement work. Nearly seven years from the bottom of the financial crisis and the S&P 500 has surged 210% over the period. Net private savings reached almost $700 billion in 2015, so why are you so […]