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Spring 2015 Regulatory Agenda Will Cost Over $110 Billion

Spring 2015 Regulatory Agenda Will Cost Over 110 Billion

It is predicted that the Spring 2015 Regulatory Agenda, the Administration’s biannual list of proposed new government regulations, will cost U.S. citizens over $110 billion, according to the American Action Forum. Approximately 2,300 pieces of legislation are featured, many of them concerned with “greenhouse emissions.” In particular, the National Ozone Standard, proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), could easily prove to be the costliest regulation to be introduced; the National Association of Manufacturers believe reaching this standard will cost $140 billion every year, meaning a total bill of $1.7 trillion between 2017 and 2040.

The Obama Administration will, no doubt, release the document at a time convenient to them. The Fall 2014 Agenda was released the day before Thanksgiving and the Spring 2014 Agenda published the day before Memorial Day weekend – both are occasions when most Americans are traveling and not focused on political discussion.

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