Why You Should Take Social Security at 62


As part of your taxes, you pay into social security, which is the primary source of income for most elderly citizens. You can start collecting social security at 62, but with a reduced income. Despite the reduced pay, about one-third of US citizens collect social security early. Here are a few reasons why you may […]

Gold News. Investors Shy Away From Bars As Several Recent High Profile News Stories Hit The Airwaves.

There have been enough well publicized cases of long term gold dealers being sold fake bars recently to cause the average investor some real concern. Just recently the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) reported that a well established gold dealer in Ottawa purchased a gold bar from a local branch of the Royal Bank Of Canada […]

‘Deficit hawk’ Trump nowhere to be seen in 2018

As a Twitter commentator, reality TV star and Republican candidate, Donald Trump railed against Obama-era budget deficits. But instead of tightening the belt, President Trump blew all that away in March when he signed an omnibus spending deal that saw huge increases in spending without corresponding cuts. Six years ago, Trump was harsh on Obama […]

USGS: “Worldwide silver supplies will be depleted by 2025”

The US Geological Survey (USGS) has publicly stated that the world’s silver supply will be depleted by 2025. This will make silver the first widely used industrial commodity to have its in-ground supply exhausted. The world’s top metals research team reports annual shortfall for silver Thomas Reuters GFMS has reported a shortfall in global silver […]

The Problem with 401K Funds

401k funds problems

These three problems in 401K funds may put your retirement goals out of reach More than 52 million Americans participate in a 401K plan with about 515,000 plans across the country. Those plans hold $4.4 trillion and represent nearly a fifth (18%) of the $24 trillion in U.S. retirement assets. 401K funds are truly the […]

The Complete Guide to 403(b) Plans

what is 403b retirement plan

Understand the eligibility requirements and benefits of a 403(b) plan compared to traditional employer-sponsored plans to benefit from this special type of savings vehicle. The catalog of numbers, IRS designations and names for retirement investment plans can border on befuddling. Unless you enjoy reading through mountains of pages from the Internal Revenue Code, you could […]

Watch Out for these Hidden 401K Costs!

hidden 401k costs retirement

Hidden 401K costs could be costing your hundreds of thousands in retirement, know how to look for hidden expenses A recent AARP study found that 80% of plan participants didn’t know how much they were paying in 401K costs. That’s not entirely surprising considering the myriad of ways 401K administrators and advisors try to cover […]

What is an In-service 401K Rollover?

what in service 401k rollover

Take advantage of an in-service 401K rollover for the benefits of an IRA while still keeping your job One of most common questions I get from retirement savers is how to do a 401K rollover while still working for an employer. We have talked about the power of a 401K rollover and the overwhelming benefits […]

Government says Healthcare Spending Rising Faster than Economy

healthcare spending rate increasing

Healthcare spending and medical costs are out of control and could mean you’re not saving enough for retirement On Tuesday, the Office of the Actuary in the Health & Human Services Department published a report into future U.S. healthcare spending, confirming that it will be growing faster than economic growth. This is due to a […]

5 Critical Facts about Reverse Mortgages

key questions reverse mortgages

Reverse mortgages can be a tool to retire in your home but make sure you understand these six facts Reverse mortgages have been a hot subject since 2008, the first year the Baby Boomer generation became eligible to retire, and will be so for years to come. The reverse mortgage industry is bringing billions in […]