Government says Healthcare Spending Rising Faster than Economy

healthcare spending rate increasing

Healthcare spending and medical costs are out of control and could mean you’re not saving enough for retirement On Tuesday, the Office of the Actuary in the Health & Human Services Department published a report into future U.S. healthcare spending, confirming that it will be growing faster than economic growth. This is due to a […]

Is 401k Nationalization a Possibility?

Runaway debt and an unfunded pension system make 401K nationalization not only a possibility but a very real likelihood According to the U.S. federal government is more than $19 trillion in the red. That’s more than $59,143 of debt for every man, woman and child. Within the runaway government spending that got us to […]

Preparing Your Retirement for the Worst in America’s Future

retirement planning for financial crisis america

Prepare your retirement for these what-if scenarios in America’s future to ensure the retirement you deserve I am not generally a doom and gloom kind of guy when it comes to retirement planning and America’s future. Against the perennial calls for some kind of catastrophic end to life as we know it, the future seems […]

You Must Get Ahead of these Retirement Plan Changes

retirement plan changes

These retirement plan changes are coming sooner than later and could mean missing out on your dreams The President outlined some drastic changes to retirement planning in his 2017 budget. These retirement planning changes aren’t law yet and my not be for some time but don’t think that means they are not important. Any proposed […]

5 Stories that Changed your World in 2015

stories that changed the world 2015

It’s time to look back on the most important stories of the year, the ones that changed your world and will change your finances in the years to come This is my favorite time of year. Besides family dinners and holiday worship, it’s a time to look back on 401kRollover and the stories that shaped […]

Capital Flows Out of Emerging Markets

Capital Flows Out of Emerging Markets

For the first time since 1988 capital flows are leaving emerging markets instead of flowing into them. After decades of investing in emerging markets, many investors are deciding to shift their investments into more stable entities. Over the last three decades capital flew into emerging markets worldwide. As emerging economies strengthened and their GDP’s increased, […]

Arctic Drilling Regulations Go Ahead Despite Shell Exit

Arctic Drilling Regulations Go Ahead Despite Shell Exit

The Obama administration is planning to move forward with plans to issue new oil and gas drilling regulations for the Arctic Ocean despite the fact there is now no drilling in the Arctic. Royal Dutch Shell announced its decision to pull out of drilling in the area “for the foreseeable future” at the end of […]

The FAA Has Failed to Issue Drone Safety Laws in Three Years

The FAA Has Failed to Issue Drone Safety Laws in Three Years

The Federal Aviation Administration had three years to craft safety regulations that would govern the public use of drones, but could not get its act together to accomplish anything. The deadline came and went last week despite it being set by a 2012 law, attracting well-deserved criticism of the aviation watchdog on Capitol Hill. “Something is […]

Kentucky Broadband Deal Still Secret 10 Months After Signed

Kentucky Broadband Deal Still Secret 10 Months After Signed

State officials continue to give Kentucky citizens the runaround, failing to release the terms of a $350 million government broadband project a full ten months after it was signed. Kentucky Wired is set to cost US taxpayers $20 million, with Kentucky residents footing a further $30 million. Despite this, nobody has so far seen the […]

Houston’s High Pension Costs Cause Other Budget Cuts

Houstons High Pension Costs Cause Other Budget Cuts

Houston’s pension costs are consuming most of the city’s budget. As more of the budget is allocated to cover the city’s high and rising pension costs, Houston is forced to cut back on other expenses such as road maintenance. Pension costs were a staggering $353 million this year whereas the city originally had a $59 […]