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Pentagon Officials Enjoyed “Adult Entertainment” on Govt. Credit Cards

Pentagon Officials Enjoyed “Adult Entertainment” on Govt. Credit Cards

The Department of Defense will shortly be publishing the results of an internal audit of government-issued credit cards, revealing that both military and civilian Pentagon officials used their cards to pay for gambling and escort services in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. “The federal government did not necessarily pay the charges” was the response from a Pentagon official, who had seen the forthcoming report. He added that hiding such transactions from spouses was probably the reason government credit cards had been used.

Last year, three Bureau of Land Management officials were emphatically fired from their jobs when it was found they had purchased gift cards to the tune of $800,000 using their government credit cards. A further two officials were forced to resign over the matter. 2012 saw the passing of the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act, which was meant to be a deterrent to this abuse. It doesn’t appear to be very effective in doing so.

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