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Fed Govt. Pays $9.6M to Deceased Medicaid Claimants

Fed Govt. Pays 9.6M to Deceased Medicaid Claimants

Remember the line from the Bruce Willis movie, “The Sixth Sense”, where young Cole Sear says, “I see dead people”? Well, apparently, so does the U.S. federal government. In 2011, Medicaid payments were made to around 200 deceased individuals in 4 separate states, worth $9.6 million in total. According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released at the beginning of June, thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries and hundreds of providers were involved in “potential improper or fraudulent payments” across 4 states and totaling millions and millions of dollars. 2011 is actually the most recent year in terms of reliable data being available for the states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan and New Jersey.

Apart from the confusing and somewhat worrying payments made out to the 200 people who had passed away, the GAO also reported that 8,600 individuals received concurrent payments totaling $18.3 million from 2 or more different states, In addition, $4.2 million was paid to convicted felons serving time during 2011 in state prison facilities. These examples are clearly against federal regulations.

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