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238,000 Deceased Veterans in VA’s “Backlog”

238,000 Deceased Veterans in VA’s “Backlog”

Following news that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may be closing hospitals in the near future due to financial mismanagement, it has been leaked to the media online that 238,000 out of the 847,000 veterans that appear on the VA’s official “backlog” of those awaiting healthcare have sadly passed away since their application. “Analysis of Death Services,” an internal VA report, has come to light thanks to a whistle-blowing VA employee which clearly shows that the department is out of its depth when fulfilling its government mandate.

If that wasn’t bad enough for the VA, Kristen Ruell, from the VA’s Philadelphia Medical Center and another concerned whistle-blower, this week gave evidence to Congress that her senior managers “were instructing us to change the dates of claims – on any claims, regardless of the circumstances – if they were older than a certain date.” The VA’s Inspector General performed a spot-check at the offices last month and found “a room full of claims-related mail from veterans, up to three years old, and still containing documents not scanned into the system.”

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