David Michael White

Since 1995, David Michael White has been helping banks, aerospace companies and household investors set up successful strategies in the retirement and pension industries. He is the author of “Top 3 IRA Loopholes” - how to cut your IRA distribution taxes by up to 80%. David’s self-directed IRA strategies aim to retain, grow and shelter investor’s wealth in spite of the death of the U.S. dollar. David’s greatest joy comes from working with investors individually. David believes the-powers-that-be in the Capital have sold most retirees down the river without a paddle through policies that are rapidly wiping out seniors’ purchasing power. David never misses a Mavericks football game from his alma mater, the University of Texas Arlington. When he is not building on his economics background or helping clients protect their IRA accounts, David is happiest with a fishing pole in his hands. 



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Articles Written by This Author

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