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Is It Possible President Trump Would Sacrifice 800,000 Pawns Just As A Distraction From His Legal Woes?

That is the question that 35% of the population need to ask themselves. I am sure the other 65% could find the right answer quickly.

Trump’s solid base should be asking the question does this really seem like a ‘the house is burning down’ level of emergency at this stage. Keep in mind that Trump is not even sure on what type of barrier to use. Does it make sense to close the government for such a request without even a single detail settled?

As part of the die hard 35% that wholeheartedly support Trump and his wall, barrier, steel fence blockade (those are terms Trump used this week) did you see the border agents showing him the two new tunnels per week they discover and how a steel saw cut a hole in the other see through prototype?

Does it make sense to those that support this wall that we would spend 30 billion dollars to build it when a tunnel under cost $40,000 dollars? The latest report is that while Mexican nationals are still not going to pay for a wall they seem willing to pay for the tunnels under the structure.

Does this faithful base know the ramifications of having the federal workforce out of service for this length of time?

All of us need to move past the simple questions above and ask ourselves a few bigger questions. Would Trump use the federal shutdown as a giant distraction until he could take over the DOJ from the top down? Could Trump be working on the orders from Moscow to wreak havoc or bankrupt our great nation?

This last question is legitimate because his shutdown gambit started at the same time as the planned withdraw from Syria and Trumps historical comments on Afghanistan follow a Putin scripted story line to a tee.

All three moves by the US Commander and Chief could not be better suited to Putin’s agenda than to that of a legitimate US presidents.

It seems even his base could reasonably assume Trump would know about the invasion of Afghanistan. When Trump made that comment he did not look down like with most of his lies he looked up as if remembering a script.

My fellow republicans Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham need to act fast with impeachment because we are about to seriously damage our great republic and decimate a party I still love. The only question I have is do Mitch & Lindsey still feel the same way as I do about the United States of America? Let me know what you think.

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