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Connecticut 401(k) Rollover and IRA Providers

Investors in Connecticut have lost trillions of dollars from their retirement accounts since the recession of 2008. Some accounts have started to rebound, but almost none have recovered to the extent that they originally fell. For this reasons Connecticuters with inactive 401k, 403b and 457 accounts have been making a frenzied push out of those accounts and into self-directed IRAs. There are multiple Connecticut 401k rollover providers, but which one is right for you?

Connecticut 401k Rollover Providers Investment Options 

Congratulations on deciding it's time for a change! Your next move will be to determine which company helps you take back your financial independence. When comparing companies, keep the following questions in mind or write them down:

How much are your annual account fees? How much do you charge per trade? Are their extra fees for certain kinds of investments? Which investments do you offer? Where is your closest office to my location? How easy is it to reach my broker? What is your company's financial track record? Which investments do you recommend for me? How much risk am I will to take on?

These questions should clear up much of the confusion that may overwhelm you at the start of this process. However, rest assured there is a well-trained expert on your side -

Flex Your Financial Muscle

Our non-commissioned experts can help you choose a custodian, select a diversification plan, and even nudge your old custodian into releasing your funds quicker than they normally would. If you would like our help in seizing your financial independence and taking control of your retirement accounts, contact us today.