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A little known fact about Green Bay is that it is the smallest city in the United States to have its own professional sports team. With such a large and enthusiastic fanbase, few people would guess that about the city. Famous for their dedication and cheese hats, the fans make the Green Bay Packers appear more like an empire than a small city. While the team plays a significant role in the city, it is not the only thing Green Bay has to offer. Wineries, artists, gardens, a zoo, and museums can all be seen in the area and add to the city’s culture. Another thing that is plentiful in the Green Bay area is the choices for retirement plans. While having options is a good thing, having so many can leave customers feeling overwhelmed and unable to figure out what the best option really is.

At we make selecting an IRA as simple as deciding what color jersey to wear (green, of course!). Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of self-directed IRA options and advisers in the Green Bay area, so finding one that can provide you with a secure retirement plan is as easy as spotting a fan in a cheese hat.

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