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After working and saving for many years, you deserve a trustworthy 401k advisor to guide you toward a solid retirement. Pittsburgh’s native son, Andrew Carnegie, achieved his wealth through hard work and savvy business dealings. He established the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art with careful financial planning. Similarly, you have worked hard toward your retirement goals, and now is the time to take that planning one step further by rolling your 401k into a self-directed IRA.

Pittsburgh is also home to the Andy Warhol Museum. The famous pop-artist followed a different path to financial freedom. You also have many options when it comes to choosing an IRA specialist who will help you plan for your future. To ensure that your retirement savings will provide the funds you need in retirement, you need to understand your investment options now. Rolling your 401k plan into a self-directed IRA gives you a choice to invest in real estate, precious metals, and businesses, among other options.

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