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Cincinnati was the first major city established after the American Revolution and the first major inland city in the United States. It is often thought of as the first purely “American” city. Through its unique culinary delights, passion for sports, and games like Cornhole, Cincinnati still embodies the Americana spirit. Whether you prefer grabbing some grub, a day at the stadium, or playing Cornhole in someone’s back yard, Cincinnati allows its residents to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

One thing that does not seem simple in Cincinnati is finding out the best way to convert your existing 401k plan into a self-directed IRA. With so many options in the Cincinnati area, it may seem impossible to sort through all the plans. Why would you want to spend your time researching plans when you could be doing something more fun? You know that setting up a stable retirement plan is important for you and your family’s future, but the multitude of options make it overwhelming.

That is where comes in handy, we are here to take the stress out of selecting an IRA so it can be a simple choice for you. Our team has compiled an extensive list of IRA custodians in the Cincinnati area and can match you with a specialist that will give you the future you desire for yourself and your family.

Contact the team online. Our team is available to guide your through process of rolling over a 401k 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spend the day at a sports game, enjoying a meal that truly embodies Cincinnati, or playing some Cornhole with friends – not fretting over rollover options.