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When people find out that Hattiesburg, a college town, made the “best places to retire” list, they are not surprised. The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey College keep the city active with ongoing activities, and the Historic Downtown District is filled with interesting architecture like the Saenger Theater and The Hattiesburg Historic Train Depot. Events like the art walk demonstrate the importance of art within the city. Even though Hattiesburg is able to provide you with a great retirement, it does not mean you are financially prepared for it. If you are ready to take the next step in preparing for your retirement, rolling your existing 401k into an IRA might be the right move for you.

With all the activities and events in Hattiesburg it is easy to see why it was named a “best place to retire”. However, a great place to retire is not enough. It is necessary to have the financial stability that allows you to take advantage of what the city offers. With so many retirement plan providers in the Hattiesburg area, selecting the best one can be overwhelming. Rolling your 401k into an IRA does not have to be complicated. At 401kRollover.com, our team has a comprehensive list of providers in the Hattiesburg area so it is easy to select the provider that can guide you towards the IRA that meets your needs.

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