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Some strategic planning can go a long way. During it’s development, the city of Columbia was ahead of its time and unique. The planned city was designed to avoid urban sprawl, waste, and other problems associated with more traditional forms of planning. It was meant to bring people together and provide a better quality of life. The city’s development was not thought out on a whim, it was thought through methodically. Furthermore, it was considered a success. If we can learn anything from Columbia, it’s the value associated with planning. When it comes to your retirement it is important to have a plan that you have thought through tactically so you can fully enjoy your retirement.

If the retirement plan you strategically developed involves rolling your existing 401k plan into a self-directed IRA, things could get difficult. With so many IRA providers in the Columbia area selecting a provider can be overwhelming. At, we want to make the process stress free. That is why we compiled an extensive list of IRA providers in the Columbia area.  It makes it easily to find an IRA specialist that meets your needs.

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