Watch Out for these Hidden 401K Costs!

hidden 401k costs retirement

Hidden 401K costs could be costing your hundreds of thousands in retirement, know how to look for hidden expenses A recent AARP study found that 80% of plan participants didn’t know how much they were paying in 401K costs. That’s not entirely surprising considering the myriad of ways 401K administrators and advisors try to cover […]

What is an In-service 401K Rollover?

what in service 401k rollover

Take advantage of an in-service 401K rollover for the benefits of an IRA while still keeping your job One of most common questions I get from retirement savers is how to do a 401K rollover while still working for an employer. We have talked about the power of a 401K rollover and the overwhelming benefits […]

When is a 401K Rollover Not a Good Idea?

when 401K rollover not a good idea

A 401K rollover is one of the best ways to prepare for your financial future but when is a 401K rollover not a good idea? When you leave an employer after contributing to the sponsored 401K plan, you generally have one of three options. You can leave the investments with the old “orphaned” 401K plan, […]

Why is Everyone Rolling Over Their Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

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Learn how investors are rolling over their retirement accounts for safety and stability against financial disaster The 2008 financial crisis affected the lives of people all over the World. Long-standing investments were shattered, jobs were lost, and the systemic collapse of financial markets resulted in immense hardship. Subsequently, retirement accounts took a major hit. Retirement […]

Best alternatives for an orphan 401k plan

orphan 401k self directed ira

Take advantage of a self-directed IRA for more investment options with your orphaned 401k Job security isn’t what it used to be and few workers stay with one employer for their entire careers. When you leave your employer, what should you do with your orphaned 401k plan (or 403b plan if the employer is a […]

The Definitive Guide to 401K Rollovers

The Definitive Guide to 401k Rollovers

A retirement account rollover is critical to keeping your investments safe and organized. Follow this 401k rollover guide to put you on track. From talking babies to famous actors, everyone is talking about how you should do a 401k rollover after leaving your employer. The idea is simple enough but an overburdened process and rules […]

New U.S. Labor Department Law Could Prompt More 401k Rollovers

New U.S. Labor Department Law Could Prompt More 401k Rollovers

The U.S. Labor Department unveiled a new 401k law on Tuesday that could drastically increase the pace of 401k rollovers in the United States, and retirement account providers are already scrambling to become compliant with the new regulations. Labor Secretary Tom Perez said he believes the new law will be beneficial for investors and retirement […]