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Americans (the kind living in the US) should be ashamed and disgusted by the steady slaughter of their  children whilst in school. Anyone interested in making America great again may want to address the more than one school shooting per week in the first month and a half of 2018.

President Trump called the latest shooter of 31 students in Parkland, Fl mentally ill and offered his thoughts and prayers to the families. His words must feel like a bucket of salty shit in the face to those grieving parents. This blood is on his hands and the hands of all gun loving conservatives, myself included.  We are a sorry excuse of human beings for allowing this to continue. We hold onto the outdated  2nd amendment, whilst our schools are as deadly as the slums of Kubal.

President Trump has called several of these shooters mentally flawed, yet in 2017 he rescinded a law about to take effect that would have prevented as many as 75,000 mentally ill people from owning guns. His 2019 budget also calls for slashing mental health care programs by millions. So for now let’s count him out of making America great again and leave him to his thinking, praying and tweeting.

Let’s instead look ourselves in the mirror and ask the question, is this the America that we want our children and grandchildren to live in?  Do we want our children to have the war scars of watching 17 of their classmates slaughtered like ducks at the local shooting gallery? What good is a stacked gun safe in our homes when our grandchildren’s brain matter is splattered all over the chalkboard.

The second amendment is fatally flawed, first because it says “A well regulated militia”. There is nothing well regulated about the US disbursement of 90 guns per 100 citizens. Second, an armed militia of citizens could never overthrow a government with Cobra helicopters and Abrams battle tanks.

If I lived in Detroit would I want a gun to protect my home? Sure I would,  in fact I have a .357 in my nightstand here inside a crime-free gated community in Sedona, Arizona and I’m convinced I sleep better with it there. But giving what has happened to my country and its school children, I would gladly surrender it, but not feeling this way would make me a douchebag of epic proportions.

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